Translucent Wool Pantyhose
Translucent Wool Pantyhose
Translucent Wool Pantyhose
Translucent Wool Pantyhose
Translucent Wool Pantyhose
Translucent Wool Pantyhose

Translucent Wool Pantyhose

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Unique size

Waist: 56 cm

For People with Weight: 45-90kg

✅ Super flexible, adapting to the weight indicated above.

Get perfect legs and comfort in the cold with these wool-lined tights. 


Our Flawless Legs tights  are innovative.  It looks translucent and thin  on the outside, but is filled with  warm wool on the inside.



It looks elegant like a sheer sock  and  goes well with any outfit. It has a great high-waisted design offering excellent mid-section shaping .


They have a plush fleece inner layer  that's soft, comfortable and keeps you warm  in the cold seasons without being bulky.  It is able to keep it  warm even at -15°C



It has enough stretch that it supports and allows you to move without restrictions. This is also designed to effectively shape your legs and help flatten your belly.


Perfect match with any of your favorite outfits! Add these Flawless Legs translucent warm fleece tights to your trendy winter clothing collection!


  • WINTER PANTS. These tights look stylish as a sheer tights, while the fleece inside keeps you warm and comfortable.



  • PERFECT MATCH FOR ANY CLOTHING. Perfect match with your dresses, skirts, long sweater, boots, high heels and more!
  • SLIM AND SHAPE YOUR BODY. This also effectively firms your legs and flattens your stomach for a slimmer look.


  • SUPER ELASTIC AND LIGHTWEIGHT. This doesn't add a sense of volume when worn alone or under clothing that allows you to move without restrictions.


  • YOUR DAY TO DAY.  It can also be used in a normal day, at the office, at school, for casual occasions and elegant events. It is easy to wash and maintain as it is strong and durable.
  • FOR ALL WOMEN. This is ideal for all women of all sizes!

      Questions and answers

      Q1: Why aren't there many sizes to choose from?
      A1: Because we use high-elastic materials, guaranteed that women weighing from 40kg to 90kg can wear them!

      Q2: Can I wash it with other clothes?
      A2: Of course, the materials we use will not fade!

      Q3: Can I use it for running?
      A3: Sure, this super thick elastic legging is suitable for casual, home, outdoor in winter; Allows you to move freely and is very convenient for skiing, running and other winter outdoor activities.


      • 1pc x Perfect Legs Translucent Warm Wool Pantyhose