Knee Support
Knee Support
Knee Support
Knee Support
Knee Support
Knee Support
Knee Support

Knee Support

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If bending your knees has become very painful for you, if you have given up many pleasures with your family and friends because of knee pain, Knee Support Pads will help you regain freedom of movement!

Sold in pairs, Knee Support Pads reduce inflammation and swelling associated with injuries. Knee Support Pads relieve joint pain, tendonitis, and osteoarthritis.Knee Support Pads strengthen the thighs and calves, reducing pressure on the knees.

Suitable for walking, jogging, cycling, running, fitness, mountain climbing, golf, badminton, workouts, and all types of sports that put pressure on your knees.



TheKnee Support Pads are elastic with Velcro to ensure absolute support and safety during exercises.

The quality of Knee Support Pads is exceptional but their price remains very affordable.

Quick-to-release adhesive fastener straps closure. Less than 2 minutes needed to wear them!

Comfort and discretion
Knee Support Pads are lightweight and discreet under clothing. Knee Support Pads are designed for complete mobility and comfort. Easy to carry thanks to a light and soft material. Knee Support Pads are breathable and durable: non-slip fabric, it is comfortable to wear either rolled up directly on your bare knees or over your pants. Knee Support Pads are adjustable in size (One size fits all).

Power of springs
Powerful rebound spring of each knee pad allows you to reduce up to 40kg pressure on your knees.


Technical characteristics

Package Included
1 pair of Knee Support Pads

One size fits all

Dimensions and weights
Package dimension : 295 x 280 x 270 mm
Weight: 500g

Color: Black

Material: fabric, PC, spring (carbon steel)