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Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager
Eye Massager

Eye Massager

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✅Improve vision & circulation
✅Reduce headaches & migraines
✅Reduce eye bags and dark circles
✅ Tighten the skin to reduce wrinkles
✅Relax to reduce stress & improve sleep quality


The perfect At-Home solution for:

  • Migraines, Sinus Pressure & Headaches
  • Dry & Tired Eyes
  • Insomnia & Excessive Brain Activity
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Eye Bags & Dark Under-Eye Cycles



✔️Smart & Useful - Just slip it on after a hard day and it presses, warms and massages your entire ocular region to rejuvenate tired eyes.

✔️Built-in Speaker - Connect via Bluetooth to play your own customizable music on the built-in speaker. Music reduces anxiety and the physical effects of stress while keeping you entertained.

✔️Portable Design - The device is foldable up to 180 degrees, taking less space and easily stored anywhere. It does not require a constant power supply while in use, as it is equipped with a USB rechargeable lithium battery.

✔️Adjustable & Safe - The head belt attached to the device is fully adjustable. Tighten or loosen it as much as you desire, ensuring a perfect fit for any user. Fits teenager as well as adults.

✔️Five Massage Modes to Relieve Eye Fatigue - Integrated mode, clear mode, sleeping mode, vitality mode and smart mode. The air pressure, vibration, hot compress, and music functions are combined in different modes to accommodate your preference.



Our Eye Massager is the newest innovation in beauty and sleep technology. It fits comfortably over your eyes and gives you a relaxing massage that you've never felt before.

The Eye Massager trend is taking social media by storm and it's the greatest way to get a soothing and relaxing massage for your eyes. It'll improve your sleep as well as your blood circulation and overall health.

It works because it touches upon the right ocular acupoints that can reduce stress and improve blood circulation. This eye mask is design to soothe all eight points giving you great results.



1. The Eye Massager targets the 9 pressure points around the eyes with its built-in air compression features ( inflates and deflates in a sequence) to soothe the eyes.

2. it is combined with a heating feature that helps increase circulation within the eyes, allowing more blood, oxygen, nutrients in. Warning: Stay away from the heat if you have an acute injury or are having an inflammation flare.

3.The Eye Massager also includes a multi-frequency vibration feature (60-80 jitters per second), allowing it to reproduce the eye's vitality and eliminating fatigue.


1 x Eye Massager Device
1 x USB Cable
1 x Product User Manual
1 x Product Box


1. Please remove the contact lenses beforehand.
2. Do not use this product for people who have eye injuries, inflammation or burns.
3. Six major product features: Air pressure massage, constant temperature hot compress, vibration massage, Bluetooth music, long-term battery life, portable storage.

4D full-package air pressure massage, regularly press 9 points around the eyes to relieve eye fatigue

Constant temperature hot compress to relieve soreness

42degress Celsius, even heat, relieve eye fatigue, hot compress experience upgrade

 Vibration massage

60-80 different frequency jitter massages per second to keep your eyes vibrant

The airbag has the order to repeatedly massage the acupuncture points around the eyes.

Massage the temples and other acupuncture points to relieve eye and brain fatigue

 Five intelligent modes

Can be folded 180 degrees